After almost two years of improving medical research using technology at Castor, it’s time for a new adventure. We’ve accomplished a lot on a variety of projects during this time, and I’m confident my work has helped Castor’s teams and products.

I’ll be there until August and am available to help another company from the 1st of September.

Update: I’ve found a new opportunity and joined Mollie as of 1st of Sep 2020.

Who am I?

I’m a 33 years old Brazilian living in The Netherlands for about 5 years. Am married to the most incredible woman I’ve ever met and the father of the most adorable toddler in the whole world - but I bet all dads say that, right?

Oh, I’m also a software engineer, a leader, and an Agilist.

I follow the principles and values from the Agile Manifesto because I believe they lead to better software engineering and the creation of a really collaborative environment. I am particularly fond of this principle:

Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design enhances agility.

I’m quite opinionated about many subjects - e.g., software design, quality assurance, collaboration. I express all these opinions in my open source work, either by collaborating on existing projects or authoring my own ones. At companies, though, I try to balance things a bit more - which is something I’ve been learning and getting more skilled at over the years.

The best description of what I do can be found in Pat Kua‘s definition of a Tech Lead:

A Tech Lead is a software engineer responsible for leading a team and alignment of the technical direction.

Let me illustrate that with a few examples. In the past few years I have:

  • Introduced teams to Architecture Decision Records, to assist them in discussing and documenting the most impactful decisions on their projects
  • Increased confidence in code changes by implementing - or improving - build pipelines using modern tools
  • Improved teams’ productivity by critically analysing their workflows, removing the wasteful steps and optimising things with shorter feedback loops
  • Refactored countless lines of code to make projects more maintainable

I also love to learn and teach things, especially complicated topics. Speaking at meetups and conferences was something I used to do. I had to pause it after my son was born but am planning to soon get back to it (I miss that a lot).

What am I looking for?

I want to continue on this path of a Tech Lead because it allows me to not only deliver value to customers but also to support people in growing their skills.

Working with data-intensive applications on a distributed architecture would be amazing. I’ve been studying these topics for the last 8 years or so and have much to contribute.

Keeping a healthy work-life balance is crucial to me. Part-time work (36h) has benefited me tremendously on that and is something that I’d like to keep doing. I’m also 100% open to remote work, although I do need a Dutch visa sponsor.

I thrive in environments that are open to feedback, transparent, and collaborative. Where everybody is committed to continuous value delivery while keeping technical debt well balanced.

Above all, I’d like to join forces with a company that supports diversity in tech by, for example, encouraging employees to be more inclusive and/or backing up marvellous initiatives, such as Black Girls CODE, Women In Tech, and Code2040.

Let’s talk, then!

If you believe I’d be a good fit in your company and that we could deliver better and more reliable software together, let’s have a chat. I’d love to hear more about your vision and challenges.

Check my professional experience on LinkedIn at Reach me out there or contact me on Twitter at @lcobucci.